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Thread: Virginia Weather

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    Confused Virginia Weather

    So girls....gimme the good, the bad, the ugly. What are the winters REALLY like?!
    I lived and grew up in San Diego for 20 years, then moved here to Hawaii. I've only ever lived in WARM, HOT environments. Bryan's from PA, but since being here for 3 years, his body isn't accustomed to those temps any longer. I'm actually EXTREMELY excited to experience NEW weather!!! So how bad do the winters get?! I'm kinda looking forward to snow days where Bryan and I will get to miss a day of college and cozy up with our son...LOL!
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    I lived in Sandston for 20 years, which is where the airport is. We really didn't get a whole lot of snow, except for the occassional blizzard or ice storm that only came every once in a blue moon. My mom told me that it was close to 70 last week and now it's pretty cold. I guess it all depends on if mother nature is PMSing or not. I don't think you should worry about the snow, worry more about hurricane season! I think hurricanes happen more than snow.
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    Va. doesn't get a lot of snow I think the whole time I was in school when I lived there we only got 3 days and I went to school there from 1st to 12th grade. It does get really cold so you will need winter coats and long pants all winter. You will need a Ice Scrapper for your cars. You will have Fall,winter,spring and Summer and the summer will be hot and very humid it will be a lot hotter than Hawaii with NO brezze.
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    Ask me one day & I'll tell you one thing; ask me the next & I'll tell you something else!
    I grew up in the DC area. Winters can be cold,mild, warm or covered with beautiful snow. I think the most amount of snow I've seen is 2 feet & thats been in the Hampton Roads area. If you are in Northern or Western VA near the mountains, you'll see more. I think the coldest I've felt in this area is 15.

    Summers are usually very warm and humid. All is mild compared to some places which go through the extreme (Arizona heat, gulf coast humidity, Colorado blizzards).

    If you dont like the weather, just wait a couple days & you'll get something else, I promise!

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    Va weather..Thats funny. In the past we have got some cold, not to much and a flake or two on occasion but this year has just been weird. It has been mild all winter. Sometimes it's warm and sometimes chilly. It won't make up it's mind but summers are a little on the hot and humid side.
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    It snow's sometimes, depending on which area you are in..not alot though atleast in Hampton Roads area..but VA freaks anywhere and the kids get out...It does get pretty nippy there though but not insanely cold (atleast I think so)

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