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Thread: VT??

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    Is there anyone in VT? DF and I have decided to move to VT. We were thinking NC originally but after a lot (like a WHOLE LOT) of talking we have decided that it would be better to move to the same state that his youngest two children are. We are looking somewhere within 2 hours of Burlington, yeah we are striking a big net. Anyways, is there anyone out there to tell me what to expect?? I went from VA to AZ... totally have never seen more than a few inches of snow that melted within just a day (few days MAX)!!
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    VT will be a shock for you...especially in the winter...I would suggest the closer to Burlington the better...the farther out you get, the less there is...except trees and cows...Burlington is beautiful, right on the lake...I have family in Burlington, and Essex Junction (about 15 minutes outside Bur.) We're only a few hours from there...Good luck!

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