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Thread: housing in virginia beach

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    housing in virginia beach

    Anyone live near the oceana naval base or in wadsworth shores housing ? we are moving there in February . I know its supposed to be a bad area. but we really need to be there closer to work for family reasons. Anyone live in the area??
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    We lived there for a few years, moved out of Wadsworth Shores 2 summers ago. My ex-husband still lives there and my kids visit him there frequently.

    It's not really in a bad area. We loved the schools. The elementary and magnet schools were the whole reason why we chose Wadsworth Shores. Plus, you are SO close to the oceanfront. Right across from housing is Camp Pendleton, Air National Guard Base. You can use their beach. It's basically private, hardly anyone goes there.

    They aren't the best of the housing, especially compared to the rest of housing Lincoln has in the area. But, I wouldn't move into the other housing because of the schools they were zoned for. There's no garages and all the houses are townhouse styles. Two of the courts there aren't the best, but the rest of housing is decent. I met some of my best friends there that I am still in contact with.

    If you have any other questions, let me know. Do you already know which house you will have or the court you're on?
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    My 2 close friends live in Wadsworth housing. Each in a different court. Like Twister said, its the best for schools in Va Beach. When I visit them I feel safe. The parking is kinda a mess because a lot of the residents use the over flow parking.(both their courts)

    There is another housing area The Village at Midway Manor. I pass by there from my drive home from work. It looks nice and newly built.
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    I just went and looked at them and they aren't bad at all! Definitely not a bad area of town. We're probably going to look for off-base housing just because it's cheaper.. but I'd def live in Wadsworth!
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    My husband works at the Marine Reserve unit next to Wadsworth (you can literally see the headquarters building from Wadsworth). We do not live in base housing because our dog is half Rott half Chop, he was grandfathered into the last base when they banned the breads but once we moved it became null and void so we live in a civilian rental. The area does not appear to be bad. My husband has been in one and he said its small but not bad. You would be very close to the NEX and Commissary. Its not far from the ocean front plus as Twister said, you have Camp Pendleton just across the street and have beach access.

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