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Thread: Anyone been stationed at Andrews AFB? Or knows a lot about DC?

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    Anyone been stationed at Andrews AFB? Or knows a lot about DC?

    DH and I are headed there in April. I am curious about the area. Has anyone here lived in DC instead of in one of the surrounding suburbs? DH and I are city people and are pretty pumped at the idea of being able to live urbanly while he's still in the AF (since most bases aren't so close to big cities).

    Would just like some honest opinions of it all. One of my good friends lives in the SW Waterfront area and I have visited her in DC and it didn't seem too bad. Does anyone know what the realistic commute would be to go from DC to Andrews and back every day?

    for any help!
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    My friend is from there and she said the commute would be 20 min before traffic. The area is amazing- on the border of Maryland and Virginia. It's nothing but city and do not live on any part of Rt. 1 because it's not safe. It's the second largest AFB in the world, so that's a plus! The nightlife is amazing and the school districts are good too. That's all I have for now. If you want to know more let me know.

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    My hubby is stationed at Andrews. We live in Alexandria though on fort belvoir. I actually like fort belvoir better then I do Andrews as far as living goes. Traffic here is absolutely insane. It takes him about 45 mins to get to work and an hour to get home. I'm not sure about a commute into dc though. I do like the area,there is so much to do around here. The weather I don't so much like. I am not used to the cold winters we get here. I am a west coast girl,so this is new to me lol. If you have anymore questions feel free to pm me.

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