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Thread: Is it really that bad?

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    Hello Is it really that bad?

    Ok, ladies. My hubby is currently on this Groton, CT kick. He's been there before, but I have not. From everything I've researched I think that I will like the area itself, but I just have a couple questions. The main one being, are New London and Norwich really THAT bad as far as crime goes? From searches it makes it seem like I would be scared to walk the street by myself. I'm just wondering if this is upper-class CT natives speaking, or if it really is an unsafe area. I have, also, heard that certain areas of these cities are ok, while others aren't. Could you maybe clarify which areas these are?

    A little about me, so you might know what I consider 'ghetto' I'm from middle-class suburbs outside of Tampa. A lot of Tampa is ghetto, but not so much that I would be afraid to walk it during the day. By myself at night, well that depends on where it is. We are currently stationed in Hawaii, and I think it is ghetto. Mostly, because it's dirty. And depending on where we go we have to be careful because we're a white military familiy. We can't stand that fact. I'm not racist against anybody, and really hate that others are against me. However, most areas aren't scary enough to make me not want to walk around by myself. Mostly.

    So this brings me to my next question, how is the military-local relationship? I don't want to go to another place where they don't like the military.

    Also, any other tips/suggestions/comments about Groton, CT is much appreciated!

    Thanks ahead of time!
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    We lived in New London from January of 2010 until the middle of December, 2010. Honestly, when I first moved there I thought it was just fine, but yes, I did see a drastic rise in the amount of reported crime via news websites and papers. Apparently there was an increase in gang activity. There was an elderly gentleman who lived in our building, retired Navy, who I'd talked to once in awhile. He pulled DH aside and told him that there was a ton of crime in the area and around our apartment complex in particular and that he should talk to me about how I'd go out for walks alone. The gentleman always kept an eye out his window and if he saw me heading out for the mail or whatever, he'd hurry up and walk with me, since he was worried about me. And on the surface, it seemed like a nice place, but yeah there was a lot of crime. Just be very careful when you are researching where to live. We were considering moving into Fox Run apartments (we lived in Eagle Pointe) and that area seemed really nice and safe, though it was a bit of a drive to base. I never got an anti-military vibe while I was there.

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