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Thread: Hampton Roads events

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    Hampton Roads events

    Hi VA ladies! Now that I am an official virginia wife...are there any events going on around here? i dont know anyone yet and if you know of anything going on, please keep me in mind. I'd love to get out there!
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    The norva has some really good concerts coming just check out They also have the lights on the boardwalk each winter where you drive on the strip and see all of the lights. There is also baydays every year at the cheasapeake bay in downtown hampton which is pretty fun which is basically a bunch of arts and crafts, music, and ALOT of seafood. There is also the virginia state fair each year in richmond, for directions and info on that just google virginia state fair.

    Also wanted to add that if you listen to the country or rock stations they are always having some kind of event going on that they are a part of. They have really good event on the local bases too. Me and a GF when I was still living there in 05 went to a really good country concert on langely that was going on while they were having the air show. They are also listed in the local newspaper..There are always things going on every weekend in Hpt roads. If you need any other information or anything just drop me an Email I grew up there and know alot about the areas and things to do and such. HTHS
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    some annual events

    I lived in the Hampton Roads area for 25 years. I'm quite familiar with the Hampton, Norfolk, Newport News, and Chesapeake area.

    I know the circus comes every February and March to the Scope in Norfolk and the Coliseum in Hampton.

    Buckroe Beach has free movies and bands in the summer.

    Downtown Hampton has Bay Days every September which is a great carnival with bands, fireworks, rides, art shows, and so much more.

    Bar Norfolk....Downtown Norfolk is the place to be if you like the club style night life.

    I hope I helped.

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