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Thread: Help with jobs in frt drum NY

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    Help with jobs in frt drum NY

    I am hoping to move to FT DRUM in 2 months with DB, I need help finding a job. I have a bachelors in biology, with a great deal of office experience. HELP...any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    hmm not sure what exactly goes with biology. I know theres a few hospitals in the area, Samaritan and I forget the other ones name. . . I would just do a search on the types of places that biology jobs might be like for example:

    hospitals in watertown, ny

    I know has a decent amount of stuff listed when i looked.

    They actually have a lot of factories/companies that do stuff with military equipment and technology stuff up there. . .not sure if maybe those kind of places would have like reserch jobs or something??
    Knowlten technologies is one of the bigger companies up there, URS is up there. . . . and I think Otis Tech is somewhere in the area i'm not completely positive about that one.

    Little trees (where they make the air fresheners) have their corporate headquarters there.

    Try on base too maybe? I really dont know anything about that like what you need to do or anything but anyways. . . .

    BEST WISHES!!!!!

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