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Thread: Norfolk Housing?

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    Norfolk Housing?

    Is it ghetto?

    Anyone ever been in the JFSC housing? Or Willoughby Bay? We were offered these but might stay on a different waiting list.

    Which housing do you recommend?
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    Housing... actual military housing is very nice here in norfolk..... STAY AWAY FROM OCEANVIEW (willoughby bay and the close surrounding area).. Its pretty freaking ghetto (not the actual housing the area) and it floods like nobody's business. I lived in that area a year and a half ago when a Nor Easter hit this area and I lost EVERYTHING.. my cars, everything i had stored in my garage, my bed.... the only things I managed to save was the stuff i could get upstairs in my roommates room when we realized the water was going to come inside the house (the house was 5 ft off the ground).

    Go with JFSC housing..... its not amazing or anything... its pretty decent... but given your two options... its your only option. Unless you enjoy getting your house broken into or getting flooded out.....

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