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Thread: Moving to Campbell in May! :)

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    Jump for Joy Moving to Campbell in May! :)

    Trying to get some info on the base & to start meeting people. We are moving from Ft Lewis, Wa.

    A little about me... I will be 21 this October. My husband and I have been married since Nov. 29, 2008 & have a baby boy, Kaedyn, who was born Dec 09, 2009. My husband is a party-boy, so we love having friends over. We have 3 dogs & 4 cats that will be coming with us. Originally from Florida, we kinda know what to expect weather wise, but looking for any other info. Base pet policy? Any nice houses to rent off base (pets allowed & not too much more than BAH)? Things to do in the area for fun? Also, what areas should we avoid (living wise) off base? How is base housing?

    Any info would be great! I DO have a facebook (Ashleigh Marie Heyman | Facebook) if anyone would like to add me on there & get to know me. I'm a sweet girl, very mature for my age, & EXTREMELY outspoken. If you can't handle me being painfully honest, then we may not make a good pair. I get along with most people though until you give me a reason not to.
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    Hello, I'll also be 21 in October!!
    Anyways I haven't been on the base that much myself because DF has been deployed the whole time we have been together pretty much, but I will be there in Feb since that's when he should be getting back.
    IMO, I wouldn't go to base housing only because you don't get to pocket some extra money from off base housing. The cost of living is pretty cheap. We are renting a 3 bedroom house for only about 800 but we are splitting the rent with another couple.
    Also I would just google houses/apartments for rent in _________. That's how I found alot of resources.
    Places to live off base are Clarksville, TN. Hopkinsville, KY and I can't think of the other one. But I found most apartments/houses in Clarksville.
    Also the club/bar scene in Nashville, TN pretty much only caters mostly to 21 and up so we will have to wait til October to actually enjoy ourselves there. But they do have a really nice mall in Nashville too.

    Also if you want to look into on base housing you need to get on the waiting list, and you might want to do that soon. Only if you really would want to live on base.

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