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Thread: Fort Myer

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    Fort Myer

    Is anyone here stationed at Fort Myer?... My husband just came down on orders and we will be moving there in June. All I know is that base housing is limited, and the cost of living is pretty high. Anyone have advice on where to live or places to hang out? This is our first move so I have no idea how this will go. Thanks
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    My husband is currently stationed at Ft. Myer, VA. We live just outside the city in MD. We are right on the Metro, which I take to work (we only have one car, so it kind of had to be that way!). My hubby's commute is generally only 30 minutes or so (which is really good considering DC traffic!). We have a small one bedroom, but it doesn't use up all of our BAH which is great. If you have kids, you may want to look at Ft. Belvoir....some of the guys on Ft. Myer that have families live there. There is no housing on Ft. Myer. Well, there is but it's for high-ranking ppl from all different branches that work at the Pentagon mostly.

    If you don't have kids...I would highly recommend looking for something else! If you look hard enough you will definitely find decent apartments that won't use all of your BAH and will put you close to the city. There is TONS to do in DC!

    You can generally find even cheaper housing further outside DC...just take into consideration how bad traffic is during the week and even on weekends sometimes. If you will be looking for work tho, I recommend being near the city
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    We live in Woodbridge. For Ft Myer, I recommend Ft Belvoir or Quantico for housing. Cost of living isn't that high considering what you get for BAH. You can easily find a place ANYWHERE within BAH. I recommend VA over MD simply because its less travel time. But, the traffic/commute is always touch and go. We have several friends that live in Prince William County that are stationed at Ft Myer. If you have kids, you have to consider the school district also, VA has better rated schools than MD and DC (DC is one of the worst).
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    there are definitely parts of arlington and alexandria that are cheaper than others message me if you need suggestions!

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