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Thread: Ft Drum

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    Ft Drum

    DH is being station there pretty soon. I've been a west coaster California/Seattle my whole life. Is Ft Drum as awful as I'm imagining it to be? I have a feeling I might die via snow. Walking/driving in it. Advice? haha
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    Honey, I have lived around this area for the majority of my life [literally with the exception of 3 years] and I can tell you 100% honestly...the snow here SUCKS. That being said...what does not kill you will make you stronger. The thing you have to remember most about the north country is not so much the snow, but the bitter temperatures. Once it hits negative degrees and the wind kicks're pretty much screwed.
    As for driving in it...get a 4 wheel drive vehicle if you don't already have one and make sure you put winter tires on it...or at the very least all season tires.
    Fort Drum can be great and can also suck really really bad. It all depends on what kind of unit/chain of command your DH will have. I know people who have loved it here [and I cannot for my life figure out why] and people who, like me, hate it here.
    Growing up in Oswego [an hourish south of Drum right on the coast of Lake Ontario], I got to know lake effect snow, harsh winter temps and ice storms in April very well. So maybe that's part of the reason I hate it here so much...but the biggest reason is the way DH's unit operates. In short, they suck.
    Also, there's a shortage of housing here...and the housing for on post is at the very least 400 people I would start looking on craigslist for apartments now...

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