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Thread: Coast Guard housing?!

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    Coast Guard housing?!

    Hi Im trying to help out a friend who is a new spouse to the Coast Guard. Me being a Navy spouse myself I don't really have the answers shes looking for. She was told they would not be able to get into housing where they were stationed ( maryland) does anyone have any information on housing near Annaplois area for Coast Guard?!
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    I don't know how housing works for coast guard but I do believe they are different in various ways from the other branches.

    If she knows where her husband will be stationed she would best be suited to call the housing office for that base and ask them.

    A link I found that might help her.
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    have your friend call the housing office, they may be able to help with rentals.
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    If she choses to live off base. That area is pretty high in rent cost. But if they are willing to dive a little bit there are some nice places.
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