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Thread: question for ladies living in langley!

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    In the process to moving to Langley from Ramstein

    Help question for ladies living in langley!

    My husband and I are moving there soon and have been debating what cellphone company should we go with. I've heard Verizon is great but my husband wants to go with At&t.
    We are going to be moving into the Bethel Manor area
    Any help would be great!!! Thanks ;]
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    My parents live 2 minutes from lagnely and almost all my friends live on bethal lol

    We had/have verizon while we lvied in VA (during high school lol) Never had a problem with it. I love verizon

    We are hoping for orders to langley next year!
    Follow Rylee's progress

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    hey i currently live in bethel manor and eithier company is fine. I have at&t and i get good signal here. Verizon is probably better, you get a little bit of better signal but its also more expensive. So really either one is fine.

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