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Thread: Moving back to Hampton Roads (VB)

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    Moving back to Hampton Roads (VB)

    We are PCSing to Virginia Beach around June. We actually lived in Chesapeake for about 5 years, then we had to leave for 2 years (where were are currently in CT), and now coming back. So I'm not totally unaware of the area but mostly stuck to the Chesapeake area. Since DH will be stationed in VB, I have started researching various things.

    I have a 2 year old son and also a 14 year old step son.

    So if anyone has any advice/info on these things please feel free to comment:

    high schools
    things to do for toddlers (I know about the zoo and aquarium)

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    I know a group of mothers from another website get together at a local bounce house thingy for a play date. I know a few hang out at Mt Trashmore, SEAL park (Little Creek) or Redwing park (near Dam Neck) for play dates. I know a few who hang out over at LynnHaven in their indoor play ground area. As for schools, not sure.

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