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Thread: Information on Virginia

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    Information on Virginia

    Hi everyone!

    My DB's orders are due in January and we have been thinking about moving to Norfolk, VA. We are currently living in San Diego, Ca. So I would like to know more information as far as the lifestyle of the city, the job market?, how are the people?, is there a lot to do in the city? I would like to have peoples perspectives. Any information would be great to have.

    Thanks Ladies!!

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    I came from philadelphia, so Norfolk is a very small city to me. There is a trendy strip with night clubs, bars, restaurants, etc. and a large indoor mall in the middle.
    the people here are a mix because we have soooo many military bases; you'll see people from all over the country here, and most of them are military.
    i haven't had a problem finding jobs here.

    the area is called "seven cities" because hampton roads has seven cities....a little bit of everything: beaches, a city, rural areas, suburban areas.
    honestly, i miss having a big city, but we bought a house and decided to settle here because the housing is much less expensive here than up north and i love my job adn we found a little pocket neighborhood that we fell in love with. if you need a big city, richmond is only an hour away and dc is 3 hours.
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    #3 don't even want to KNOW what I initially read the topic of this thread as.
    My bad, for not having my glasses on.

    In other news, all I know about Virginia is the mountains are pretty.

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    I'm from San Diego and I enjoy the Hampton Roads area. There is so much to do here. I also love the places I can visit on road trips.

    It's nice to be able to visit the beach or drive a couple hours and visit the mountains.

    Taxes here can be ridiculous, but it's not too bad.
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    Somewhere out there

    DH's family is in Cheaspeake and love it there.
    Just keep in mind that they don't always send you where you want to go. We got orders to Deleware and they said we got our second pick, umm Langley, VA was a second pick, Deleware wasn't even on the list to pick from, so it definatly wasn't on our dream sheet.

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    I am about two hours from Norfolk and we really love it here. We are both California born and bred and after living in KY we wanted city life like we were used too.
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    I swear I read the title as "information on vagina"
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    I grew up in Northern Virginia and went to college in Norfolk. It has a little bit of everything. Like anywhere you have the good and bad areas, but it is what you make of it. I lived in San Diego too and they are vastly different, but I enjoyed both. PM me is you have any questions.

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    (IMO) I would def say you should go to norfolk. I know you don't always get where you desire, but if you pick and get norfolk, I think you would enjoy it!

    I was Born and raised in Va. I'm from chester but it's in the Richmond tri-cities. So basically I'm from Richmond (state cap.)
    A lot my family lives in Suffolk and Chesapeak, which is in the (hampton roads) region. Norfolk is nice. I used to go to a chuckycheese there when I was growing up. lol. Not sure if it is even there now a days
    Va beach is a no go! Ha, I mean, way for it to be one of the ugliest beaches in this country. Since I finally moved to alaska and now texas; I really can't say va beach is on my "must go" list. Buuuuuut. unfortionatly if you love the beach or "surfing" you may not be too pleased. you won't find the waves you'd be expecting, anywhere!
    Anyways, if you do love surfwear, beach look, pacsun style, and hemp, I suggest the 17TH STREET SURF SHOP. (i think thats the name still. haha. I know its 17th street though )
    We have Great sweet tea in Virginina!
    Def go to williamsburg if you end up in norfolk, you will fall in love. Remember, va is where you can so much of this countries history. Yorktown, Jamestown,williamsburg, etc...
    You would be able to easily go to Bushgardens, watercountry, and kingsdominion.
    Natives of the state have mostly very Southern accents! Since you would be in a "military town", you will also probably have like most places, many diff accents and forms of people from many states
    The blue ridge mountains are beautiful! Also, the shannondoah valley is a must see.
    If you do choose Norfolk and you they send you there, I hope you enjoy virginia. You will be able to find Plenty to do and see.
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    I'm glad that I wasn't the only one reading the title incorrectly. Time to schedule an appointment to check my vision.

    I've grown up in this area so PM me if you want further information, but it looks like the others are covering it well.
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