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Thread: Va ladies!

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    Va ladies!

    I know its still a month away!
    but I'm coming hoime to Va for a week. I wanna see who else wants to have lunch with me.
    I'm going to keep the place close by to me cause I might actually need a ride depending on if my parents let me use their car or not...
    So since I've been craving it and they don't have what I want here we are gunna go tooooooo

    Three amigos!
    or Panera

    which ever one gets mmore votes!
    I live in yorktown and both are close.

    So now what day?
    I'm home from the 8th to the 14th in january
    The 9th is my baby shower, 10th is my b-day family dinner, 11th my bestie has me kidnapped on this day lol and every other day seems to be good!
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  2. Anyway...
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    is Yorktown in VA beach?

    Arianna Marie
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    Quote Originally Posted by NikkNakk View Post
    is Yorktown in VA beach?
    Its by Hampton/ Newport News. The other side of the water

    I wanna meet up with you!!! I vote 3 amigos or whatever its called, I don't think I have eaten there before.

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