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Thread: anyone in/near pax river?

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    anyone in/near pax river?

    im in need of some help. dh is going to pax river when he gets back from deployment. i have a bunch of questions though. i need to know about the housing and school system and most importantly the hospitals and pediatricians around there.

    i moved to wisconsin to be near family while dh was gone and we found a really great couple doctors here for our dd, i hate to leave and switch all her medical care, which is a lot, and not be able to find any good doctors there. but on the other hand i really dont want to stay here without dh for the next 3 years at least.

    if anyone can help me out please let me know. thanks in advance.
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    I'm MD but not Pax River and know nothing about helpful am I?

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    The schools aren't the greatest. You could live in Calvert and commute for the schools or put her in private. I lived there for 3 years from 2002-2005.
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    Danyell lives there. Maybe you could PM her?

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