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    im in TN he is stationed at Ft. drum NY but currently deployed

    Question ft. drum.......

    df comes home soon im driving up there to his homecoming and his dad is riding with me im sooo nervous and excited at the same time is anyone else going to a homecoming soon i ft. drum?? i need help... i have never even been to NY before and i have no idea of what to wear or any good hotels. im moving up there whenever me and df get married im nervous because i dont know anyone. help plz
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    We are at Drum, but dh isn't deployed.

    Hotels? In Watertown there are a few off of Arsenal St, and one on Washington Blvd that I've seen, closer to Drum, there is one near the main gate near the Super Walmart. Um.. not sure the name, but we'll drive past it tomorrow so I'll update when I find out.

    If his homecoming is after Halloween, there is a good chance there may be snow on the ground so bring warm clothes!!
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    honey its going to be 50's or 60's.. and I am still trying to come up for his homecoming too... M may (hopefully not) be getting pushed back so our homecomings could (hopefully not) but one in the same
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    I am in the same position, almost. The DF is deploying soon. But I will be moving there (Watertown) a few months before he gets back from deployment. I am really nervous. I don't know anyone!
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    We are at Drum. There are two hotels outside of the gates by Walmart. One is Microtel and the other is a new one, Candlewood Suites, I think. I would say bring warm clothes either way. It's been chilly.

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    I am at Fort Drum deopending on when your homecoming is I would plan on bring heavy cloths, its only in the 50's right now and at night its in the 30-40s

    The Candwood suits is $109 a night, but with the military discount its $70 a night and its all brand new it just opened in August!! Its in Evans Mills about 5 min from the main gate!!

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