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Thread: City girl to Military base.

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    City girl to Military base.

    So this will be my first time for everything...
    finally living with my hubby... [waited for 2 1/2 years for this to FINALLY arrive] on the military base...which I know is definitely different from living in the city. I am looking forward to this and I'm really excited to be finally getting out of nyc because seriously I HAD ENOUGH here...been born and raised here and has made me want to get the heck out already!!

    I will miss NYC don't get me wrong But I am also nervous if I will be able to adjust to the suburban area. I have my license but I rarely drive since I am so used to walking or taking the public transit. I really would like to get some good vibes about all your first time moving on base and leaving your hometown. Any advice and heads up info I should know would be greatly appreciated! TIA.
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    How exciting for you!! Where did you move to?

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    I'm in Baltimore MD, he's all the way on the other side of the continent.
    Just make sure to try to attend all of the social stuff that they have there on base so you can try to meet lots of new people. It's usually posted all over near the main entrance.
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