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Thread: VA law passed!!!

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    VA law passed!!!

    Starting July 1 texting while driving will be forbidden
    Here is an article that explains a little bit.

    What I got in an email from Josh
    The law, effective July 1, prohibits drivers from using wireless communication devices to send text messages, except in cases of emergency. The bill passed Feb. 24 in the state Senate and in the House on Feb. 26. A violation of the new law is a traffic infraction punishable by a $20 fine for a first offense, and a $50 fine for a second or subsequent offense.
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    I can not even drive and talk, let alone text and drive!!
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    Well crap... this is going to suck so bad... Are we able to pull over on the side of the road to check our new message like you can do with calls?

    ....can we even just read the message while driving? I've got to tell my DB for when he gets back LOL
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    One response to the law that I read mentions dialing while driving is OK - you can enter numbers, but not letters.

    So how will they know the difference?

    I'm all for it, dont get me wrong, but that seems weird to me. If anyone has a link that says something different, or to the law itself I'd love to read it!

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