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Thread: Question for Hampton Roads ladies

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    Question for Hampton Roads ladies

    Hay you guys for my birthday my sister said that she was going to pay for me to board my dogs and to fly down to Texas. SOOOO. I was wondering if any of you knew of any good boarding kennels in the area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannnot wait to go to Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss my big sister so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I don't know what area you are looking for, but we use to board our dog at Yorktown Animal. They are so good. I hope that this helps alittle
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    there's this place called Care-A-Lot. and the one in virginia beach does doggie day care. so you can board your dogs there, and during the day they get to play with the other dogs there so they aren't kept in a kennel all day. i used to work at a doggie day care in illinois and after leaving my little guy there a couple of times, i don't think i'd take him anywhere except a day care place. however, i am unsure of the cost here.

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    This place is awesome! I'm going to take my dog there next time. All of my friends take their animals there and it's very friendly/clean. I took my dog to a kennel in Newport News that I don't recommend and it's called Coastal Dog.

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