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Thread: Maryland Ladies

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    Maryland Ladies

    So who lives on post that I can come hunt down in 3 1/2 weeks? Gonna need someone to show me the ropes of being a military wife on post. DH isn't very familiar with the base other than how to get to work.

    DH~~baby u dont have to worry about giving me everything that i want...... i alrdy have that .... i got u ....i got someone who is sexy ..... someone who has her days ..... someone who keeps me crazy .... someone who keeps me sane .... not all in the same day~

  2. I talk alot, it just never comes out of my mouth
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    I don;t live on post, but I live about 8 mins from there! However JenniferS lives on post and I know she would be willing to show you around! You should PM her!
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    Wish I could help...I have lived here for almost 2 years and have yet to set foot on post! I get my health care at the Naval Academy and the National Naval Medical Center.
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    I'm not at Ft. Meade we live at the Naval Academy, but can show you how to get to Kimbrough (the clinic at Ft Meade) and the Commissary and PX are pretty hard to miss!!
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    Look at you!! All comin' back to MD and stuff....

    I am living like 10 minutes from Walter Reed now... maybe 45 or so from Ft Meade. Hollaaaa!

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