Very little 1 month

Now 6 months

6 month old Black Lab.

-Puppy Training at pet Smart.
-Intermediate dog Training at pet Smart.
-Up to date on all shots.
-Very loving and hyper
-House trained
-Good with babies
-Good with cats
-Crate Trained
-Comes when called
-Does not run off when loose
-Knows: Watch me, Sit, Lay, Stay, Leave it, wait, Come. Still working on shaking and walking on a leach without pulling.
-Loves car rides: will sit in her own seat.

Comes with:

-Large Dog metal dog crate with tray
-Dog Toys
-3 Large dog beds
-Out door dog house
-Large food dispenser
-Dog Food
-Dog treats
-Walking harness
-Dog leash's
-(optional) radio shock training fence with collar

Puppy was $200. Classes were $120 each, Vet visits, Crate was $100, Toys, Beds $75 in all, Dog house $50, Food dispenser $15, Food and treats, Walking harness $15, Leashes $20 and Fence $290.

Our puppy is a sweet heart and loves to cuddle. She also LOVES the beach and to play catch. We would love to keep her but our jobs and being pregnant with another child is making it imposable to give her the attention we think she deserves. She needs to go to a good home. Great as a single or multi dog home. Needs a yard or a lot of walks.

Asking $600 without fence. $700 with fence. OBO