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Thread: Calling all Marine SOS

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    I'm in Cincinnati. DB stationed in San Diego serving in Iraq

    Calling all Marine SOS

    Ok so db is in iraq at the moment and we have been avoiding the topic of his upcoming orders. he is currently stationed in San Diego and i live in Cincinnati, oh. He's hoping for east coast orders. What can anyone tell me about marine bases on the east coast?? I appreciate it all ladies.
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    soon to be camp lejeune
    well there are a few options...some bigger than other...of course there is camp lejeune,nc....beautiful not to hot not to cold...well sometimes unlike this year....i dont live there as im just his fiance but i have been to visit...and the base itself is nice....there is cherry point, nc as well...not too far from lejeune...but small...and mostly for nc there is also new river...again small and mostly helo....then u have the one in sc...beaufort....airstation again small....then the other big on is quantico aka i can only imagine how that one is...probably beautiful...though i know you live in ohio and he wants east suggestions are either leguene or pendleton in california...that base is both huge and gorgeous...i guess im partial to it being right on the ocean....but as for east coast bases thats what you get....most are small...

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