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Thread: Philadelphia ladies!!!!

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    Question Philadelphia ladies!!!!

    I'm really in a crunch for some job prospects out that way, or more accurately, my sister is. She's been on the job hunt for over a month now and if she doesn't find something soon will be coming here(which I would love but cannot afford). Even the McDonalds close to her is not hiring. She does not have a car, she takes public transport and walks all over the city so that may factor in.

    If anyone is aware of any prospects or even remotely interested in helping I will add her list of experience etc.

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    What part of Philly? I have a few uncles that own businesses and a crazy aunt that could hook her up
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    Can you hook me up too? Haha

    I have been trying to find a job the past 2 months. Philly is in a really bad state at the moment.

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