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Thread: PA/MD girls (and anyone else close!!)

  1. Julie
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    PA/MD girls (and anyone else close!!)

    Lets have a get together!!! I get bored easily, and Jason will be leaving August 10th for 18 weeks so I will neeeeeeeeeed some lovely ladies to hang out with!! What do ya'll say?? Anytime during the week works for me, but for all you working ladies...maybe the weekend is better? August 19th maybe? Maybe a little Cheesecake Factory action in Inner Harbor, MD?

    Also, I'll be down in OCMD August 7-11...anyone gonna be around?

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    cool idea-hope it works out
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    I'm for it!!! Two of my favorite things...the Inner Harbor & The Cheesecake Factory!!!!! The one near me closed down I think

  4. ash
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    if i dont have to work, i might be down w. that... i love the inner harbor.. i take it OCMD is ocean city?
    this is like a bad movie, and i'd give it a 5 on my netflix
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    Not an MD wife as of yet....Will be that way in Jan.

    Have fun!
  6. Julie
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    Yayyy!!! Jen, let me know when is good for you, and we'll see if we can work something out!!! Cheesecake Factory is my favorite place everrrrrr!!! Ash, let me know if you can get off work for a night or something...

    And anyone else is welcome to come as well!!! XOXO

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