I just saw this and thought I'd post it here. I sooooo wish I were home!!!

When there was no Wal-Mart on Jefferson. It was just a field with old trucks and rusted farm equipment.

When the Yoder Dairy Barn actually sat where Target and Circuit City now stand, and the grassy hill in front of the farm land where the Yoder cows would walk up and sit down 30 feet away from Jefferson.

When the World Market Shopping Center was a Farm Fresh and then after that it was the Newport News Shipbuilding offices.

When Colony Pines was a forest and Red Oak Circle was a dead end.

When there was a Captain D's next to Shoney's on Denbigh Blvd. Now the sign is the only remaining hint of it.

When the Matress Discounters on Warwick Blvd. in Denbigh was Blockbuster Music and before that it was the Wherehouse.

When you could drive down Shields Road behind Windsor Great Park from Green Acres to Denbigh Blvd.

When the Crown gas station on the corner of Jefferson and Rickneck was a Jet Mart and the DMV was next door.

When the Red Baron was there next to Rock-Ola, then it was Oldies CafeŚwith the old Munsters hearse out front that would come to your house and pick you up. Then it was the Old Virginia Brewery and then the Atlanta Beer Garden before it finally became the Langely Federal Credit Union.

When the Hop-In gas station on Jefferson was by Steve and John's, which used to be Saxby's. Ah yes, Saxby's.

When you could see a movie in one of the two Beechmont Twin theaters.

When the McDonald's Nursery was on Warwick Blvd., next to Dr. Darth, the dentist.

When the billboard on the Denbigh Blvd. overpass said "Fun Lovers, For Those Who Love To Have Fun" - and it had an arrow pointing down below the bridge.

When there was a Hot-N-Now by Taco Bell in Denbigh, before it became a Greyhound station.

When you bought Chrismas trees at the Greenhouse nursery on Jefferson, where the Saturn Dealer and Haynes furniture store are now.

When the ABZ Rentals on the corner of Rickneck and Jefferson was the Peebles Bathtub showroom.

When there was a Race Trak gas station right before the Interstate 64 exit on Jefferson across the street from Wal-Mart.

When the McDonald's in Denbigh had the playground with the giant Police Hamburger guy's head that you could climb into.

When Quincy's, now Carpet Gallery, and Zero's (before that Carvel) were in Denbigh.

When Patrick Henry Mall first opened, and it had the Cinnamon Bun, Mother's Music, the ivy covered dirt unicorn, and the fountain in the center of the mall.

When the Newport News/Williamsburg Int. Airport was just Patrick Henry Airport and the terminal was the old terminal.

When the entrance to Kiln Creek had the golfer guy standing in the sandpit and people kept stealing him.

When there was a Drive-In movie theater where the new Wal-Mart in York County is now.

When there were Revco Pharmacies.

When there was a Peter Piper Pizza in Hidenwood.

When there was no Monitor Merrimac Bridge tunnel.

When Industrial Park Drive connected to Jefferson right by 84 Lumber and the railroad tracks.

When you could go inside the Lee Hall train station and see all of the model train villages they had set up.

When there was a trash incinerator plant behind the old HQ on Jefferson, which is now Best Buy.

When Bland Blvd. didn't connect Warwick Blvd. and Jefferson.

When Pop-Eyes was Po-Folks, and the Old Post Office on Warwick was the only post office.

When there were Fotomat booths in the parking lots of all the shopping centers.

When every kid had his birthday party at Championship Video USA.

When the Hampton Roads Center Parkway opened.

When the tree that was in the Interstate 64 median between Magruder and the Coliseum was mysteriously decorated every holiday.

When Wendy's in Denbigh had a salad bar, and Burger King sold personal pizzas.

When the MCI building on Warwick was Ames, and Rose's was there too.

When the Newport Crossing shopping center on Oriana Road was a trailer park.

When there were no big buildings in Oyster Point, just the lone fountain with a road circling it and it seemed as if it was an anomaly in the middle of nowhere.

When Plaza Azteca was Carlos O'Kelly's.

When Jefferson Lab was Cebaf.

When the Virginia Living Museum had woods around it and you couldn't see it from J Clyde.

When there weren't Sonic Drive-Ins everywhere.

When the Celebration In Lights at the park during the holidays was cheap.

When the 1950's McDonald's in Yorktown was a fun place to go.

When garbage trucks had two men hang off the back of the truck to manually dump cans into the back.

When there was a farm off of Yorktown Road next to Lee Hall Mansion by Interstate 64.

When Arby's had the 5 for $5.00 deal. Now that was a deal.