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Thread: Philly girls

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    Philly girls

    DB is taking me to a Flyers game in Dec for Christmas and I was thinking I wanted to take him out to dinner before and I've got no clue where to go. Nothing fancy, but nothing cheap either. I've got no clue where to go...and it's "my" area not his. I should really know...but I don't. So any ideas would be wonderful!

    Wifey to D........., RainbowBrite

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    My good friend had her PhD dissertation celebration at FridaySaturdaySunday restaurant - it was yummy!
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    This may sound kinda dumb, but how about one of their Cheesesteak places. Nothing is better than a good game and a great Cheesesteak to me! I know everytime I go to Philly they are a MUST stop for me...LOVE THEM!!!

    Also, this may help. It is AOL's "Best Of City" and rates all the best restaurants in the city from votes from the locals.

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    DB took me to Valanni for our first date and it was delicious It has some Spanish flavors to it, but not just Spanish food.

    Can't think of any more off the top of my head, but I've been to quite a few so PM me if you come up with any ideas and I'll let you know if I've been there.
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    DB and my favorite restaurant is the Continental Midtown.
    It's not that expensive, probably aroung $10-20 per person, depending what you get. The food is DELICIOUS.
  6. CoastGuardWifey2
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    I always go to Pats. Its a cheesesteak place..Ughh I love it!!. Also there is a resturant called Maggianos..kinda pricey but wonderful italian food!! Also there is a Jewish Deli I will look up the name for you. It has wonderful food. Its not all jewish. They sandwhiches are huge! And CHEAP! and its WONDERFUL!!! I absolutely love it! So does the rest of Philly! Sometimes there are lines to get in this little Deli just to sit down and eat! I really suggest this one!
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    I do like Maggiano's too. I also have two favorite restaurants - one is an italian restaurant on 9th street at the italian market, its called Villa di Roma. It doesn't look like much from the outside but the food is awesome & I also love this retaurant in my neighborhood, its called the Hinge. Its sort of a cafe but everything is homemade. My cousin & I go there almost ever friday. & you can bring wine. I wouldn't suggest cheesesteaks, its so cliche. Haha. And besides you could get them at the spectrum during the game. If you need anymore I'm sure I could think of some. Just let me know =)

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