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Thread: Fort Drum, NY..

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    I was a GREAT mom... until I had kids.
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    Fort Drum, NY..

    Is anyone there/around there? We are going to be heading up there [hopefully] in January, and I want to know what it's like up there. I know it's cold and stuff, but like the living and what there is to do and stuff. Jobs.. even though I won't be working, I still might want SOMETHING to do.

    ANY advice and stuff would be nice.

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    Hmmm i know nothing about it, except its way up there haha . . . you still shoulda came to Benning i need a buddy down here!
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    i lived there my whole life till i turned 18 and headed here and met dh. but its not bad. very cold lots of snow!! not to much to do on drum or even around it. you have to drive 20-30 minutes to watertown for a mall and movies. alexandria bay is wonderful about 45mins in the other direction great in the summer and fall. im sure you will like it!!! ask me anything i know it like the backof my hand!!
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    I will also be moving to Drum sometime in January.
    Looking to meet some friends!
    I live about 3.5 hours from Drum, so I make trips up there a lot, but I dont really know anyone.
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    We don't live on Drum, we are about 50 miles south but we go to the commissary and what not up there every once in awhile. The area is pretty rural, Watertown (town next door) is a small city but it has all the basic amenities... Target, Walmart, a small mall, several chain restaurants..
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    What is the job market like? I am currently a legal assistant in VA, but figure I will take anything involing office skills up there. Is there a market, or do I need to look into getting back into waitressing or tending bar? ;-)
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    Syracuse, NY
    hey. i live in syracuse which isnt that far from ft. drum. it is cold here for sure. there isn't that much to do either

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    Well, if you are still into partying this isn't the place for you as there aren't many places for that. If you are family oriented then it's ok. I still think they should make a chuckee cheese, they'd make a killing. Yea the winters suck, but the summers make up for it. This place is like any other, it's what you make of it. I like it, but then again, I'm not hard to please. A few friends and a social life is all I need lol.
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    im in TN he is stationed at Ft. drum NY but currently deployed
    i dont really know too much about ft. drum but im going to moving up there in 2010 which is when me and DF are getting married!! he is in iraq right now though. but he said its freezing cold there and they get lots and lots of snow!!
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    the only thing I know is Ft. Drum is on the extended TLE list- I would have to look to see why, but they have extended the stay I think from 10 -20 days max.

    if you need the info let me know and I will find it for you!
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