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    Do fairytales ever come true?
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    does anyone know where you can go get the free bread. dh has off wed and he was gonna go down there. there was a list put out somewhere but i cant find it! if you know pls pm me. thanks!

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    It is either Oceana or Ft Story. If you go to the website for Armed Services YMCA you should be able to find out the schedule. Hope this helps some.
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    #3, then go to community support. There is a schedule there. (And if you go to the one in Willoughby Bay, I'll be there, hehe.) It's a GREAT program, but remember to get there early, as the line gets HUGE. Seriously. I go almost every 2 weeks and it's WONDERFUL. A friend of mine and I take the kids then go to a park and lunch afterwards.

    Take care! And feel free to PM me with questions.
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