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Thread: NOVA ladies

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    NOVA ladies

    Do you guys ever have activites surrounded around your kids? Playground, park, Chuck E Cheese? DS is usually with me and DB thinks I need to make friends with you ladies . He's leaving soon and says I need people to talk to when he's gone. He's silly, but probably right.
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    I'm in NOVA but don't have kids. So no, I don't do things that surround my kids.
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    There is a Chuck E Cheese on the parkway in is kinda small though.
    Lots of parks all over, some are only open between Memorial day and Labor day, but there are others in the area. And there is a big fun place just off of 95 in Fredricksburg

    If you want you can come by my place tonight....we are having a very informal marshmallow roasting and SO's are welcome
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    We have like 20 playgrounds on base & chucky cheese

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