just thought i would throw this out there.

i have a 4 yr old im almost 25 and i live in a nice townhome in va beach with 2 dogs they are sweet. i am not state or navy certified although might try soon. i have been qualified cpr/first aid and red cross babysitter since 1996 although it does need to be renewed. anyway my point is i am available mon-fri 7pm-7am and sat-sun anytime if you ever need a night out or anything. i wont charge much just enough to cover food for you child and if we do an activity or something. for multiple kids i usually severly discount anything after 1 child. i will take any age even the older ones and the infants!

keep in mind i do have 2 dogs like i said they are sweet and they would be crated alot of the time but your child obviously cant be allergic. on that note i will watch pets too but in your home or for like 1 day only. my apts dont allow more that 2 here and i wouldnt want to get caught.

if you need help with any other odd thing, let me know i will see if i can help. trying to help and trying to earn a bit of side money to pay off my massive debt. thanks.

pm me if you need my help.