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Thread: Virginia Ladies Please HELP!

  1. sherrylynne35
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    Jump for Joy Virginia Ladies Please HELP!

    Hey gals! I need some help! We have orders to Japan. We are leaving end of October. I have a 1 year old 2007 Toyota 4 Runner, cobalt blue, absolutely gorgeous! We are having a terrible time trying to sell it. I LOVE THIS CAR! I am going to miss it more than my house! We've had a couple of people look but they weren't really serious about buying it. We owe $20K+ on the car and are selling it for $17,5K. This is a STEAL. A brand new 4Runner is $30K!!!!

    Please tell everyone you know about it and if someone is REALLY interested here is the link to craigslist ad:
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    I wish that I could help you cause I def need a car, but that won't happen until Dh gets back from deployment. Good luck!!! Also, have fun in Japan.
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    Do fairytales ever come true?
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    wish i could help need a car but will need to trade

  4. sherrylynne35
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    HA HA HA

    Sorry no trades for this one. Need $17,500K

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