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Thread: hey there

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    hey there

    hey guys i need some input here...i was wondering if you guys know of any cheap apartment places in and around the norfolk area that me and the kids can move into..

    see me and the hubbs bought a house in sterling, va (thats 3 hours away from norfolk) and now we would love to be in the area that DH is in for the next year (while still being able to keep our house)

    so i wanted to ask you ladies (and gents) if you know of any places that are cheap like less than a $1000 or so ^_^

    thanks for all the help :-)

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    well lets see norfolk def has some cheep places i dont know them right off hand most are cheap but be careful some of the areas are not too good. if you can afford it i would suggest va beach. my friend has a really nice place for under 1k 2 bed 2 bath. my townhome on the other hand runs 1300 for 2 bed and 1600 for 3 but we have a pool, gym, car wash, dog run, park, clubhouse with movie theater, monthly maintenance, garages etc. it is really nice. let me know if you would be interested in either of these places you will have to pm me.


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