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Thread: Good Dance Clubs in Hampton Roads???

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    Question Good Dance Clubs in Hampton Roads???

    Are there any???
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    I've been to 2.. one was the abyss in va beach.. i can't find any info about them so they might be closed. they weren't bad at all.
    the other one was a salsa club in newport news (sorry, cant remember the name).. i walked in & felt reaaaallly uncomfortable & walked right now. other than that, I'm no help!
    hope you can find something!

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    what type of club do you like? be careful some are not the safest. you have a few in va beach on the strip. the cave sucks dont go there. peabodys some like some dont. i think the one i like might be envy? cant remember there are like 6 in a row. then there is waterside. they have a few clubs couple words of advise get there early, there is a dress code and be careful they are swarming with cops! there are some others across the street from waterside on granby never been but heard they were good. some of the other ones scattered are ok. hey there are some strip clubs tho there is one on oceana blvd (name slipped my mind) right outside oceana base headed up toward first colonial. anyway it lets girls and military in free supposed to have the best girl dancers in hampton roads. i heard it was fun if you like that sort of thing!


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