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Thread: Anyone from NH?

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    Anyone from NH?

    Hey I'm Brook... I'm new here (to the site). And I am trying to find people locally. Last week I went to Lackland AFB in San Antonio to see my boyfriend graduate. So I am also new to being a military girlfriend. But I have already experienced a lot! I am so proud of my man... I have never been this proud of anyone. So I got to visit him for a few days but it only seemed to make things worse. I miss him way more now! He is off to Tech school and I don't get to see him until September. I'm crushed... He keeps telling me its the best thing and that he is doing all of this for us... but it is still really sad to be away... as I am sure you all know.

    Anyway... It would just be really nice to meet some people from around NH.

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    I just moved from NH to NC. I was from Keene, but worked in Dover for 6 months before I moved here with my husband. I know there is NO military up there, so I feel your pain. I wish I was there to help you out!
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    I'm here! I'm in New Hampshire!

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