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Thread: stafford/quantico VA?

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    stafford/quantico VA?

    My hubby and i are pcsing up there in May!! we just found our apartment which is in Stafford.
    Im tryin to get to know ppl so that i have a few friends up there before i get tehre!!

    we ahve a 2.5 year old and a baby on the way!

    anyone know what the areas liek up there?
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    We have been here for two years (are leaving in September). I can tell you some good things and some bad things....Like everywhere!

    Feel free to PM me if you want some more information. We have three children, 11, 4, and almost 2.
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    Stafford is a nice area from what I am seen. There is a TON to do close. There is the Tyson Center malls, Potomac Mills outlets, Leesburg outlets, you can hop on the metro and go into DC where there are even more things to do.
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    I don't live there any longer but Quantico was the last place we left and I grew up in VA so if you have any questions about the area feel free to ask. Sorry I can't help out on the friendship level in town.
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    i grew up in the stafford /quantico area sorta... Fredericksburg.
    if you have any questions, lemme know.
    there's TON to do in Fredericksburg, and is only about 30 minutes from Quantico.
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    We from the area, and will be back sometime this fall after DH comes home. We live about 25 mi up 95 from Stafford/Quantico, but depending on the time of day and direction you're going that's REALLY far!
    I don't know a whole lot about the community of Stafford. It's a suburb of DC, but pretty far removed from the city. I've been to Quantico camping a few times, and the base is nice. You'll LOVE the area in general. We've lived in the area 3 years, and we still have so much to do and see. You have something in common with everyone b/c everyone is either military, government, or from somewhere else too. People are very friendly, and you are close to EVERYTHING. Hiking/camping/mountains/caverns, boating, DC is about 35 mi from you with everything it has to offer, scenic drives, civil war trails, other historical sites (GWs home/Thomas Jefferson's home/James Madison's home ... I'm a history buff ), shopping, every culinary taste imaginable.... everything you could want at arm's length.
    Soak it up. Like I said, we've been there three years andhaven't finished our check list...

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