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Thread: FT. DRUM LADIES??? (or near new york area)

  1. ProudArmySO
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    Confused FT. DRUM LADIES??? (or near new york area)

    I FINALLY get to go see Db from April 4th til the 13th and I have NO CLUE what to pack!! I'm a San Diego (CA) girl so you can only imagine what my wardrobe looks like!!! He really isn't being much help...he just keeps saying its cold, lol, but that doesn't tell me what to wear!! HELP, HELP, HELP!!!!!
  2. Mac'sSunshine
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    Im in Connecticut and it is chilly. Been around 30-40 degrees. Jeans, and tops that you can layer! You defenietly will at least need some sort of jacket. I hate winter coats so I never wear them. Plus by then hopefully it will warm up a bit. Have fun!!
  3. ProudArmySO
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    man, cold to me is like 60 degrees! haha. but thanks, it helps! guess i'm going to have to do some shoping!
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    I'm in NY, about 6 hours south-east of Ft. Drum. If it helps you visualize at all how cold he is talking, we still have some snow on the ground. It has been melting like crazy the past few weeks. But we've gotten a couple of inches overnight and stuff. Seeing as how Ft. Drum is north of here I'm sure they still have some snow right now too.

    So if you just think snow when you're packing that might help. Hopefully it'll all be gone by the time you get up here, but you never know!

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