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    Hampton Roads area....

    I'm looking to give my two parakeets away to a good home. I love animals, but I'm just not a bird person. I have 2 male parakeets, I've had one for a year & a half, & the other for about 6 months. Ozzy is blue & white. Wally is green & yellow. They aren't hand trained, and they aren't loud (except if they get really excited ) which isn't often. They have never bit me, but sometimes they bite at each other, but have never hurt one another. I have a cat, and I'm getting another kitten, & I can just see them working together to try to knock over the bird
    When I just had Ozzy, my cat did knock over his cage & he wont come out now, b/c of that (i'm guessing thats the reason) But Wally does like to come out & fly. I never got their wings clipped, b/c of the fact that we do have a cat, & just incase they got out, they'd be able to fly high enough to find shelter away from the cat. Plus we will be moving next year & I know I'll have to eventually find them a home, b/c its too far of a ride for them.
    So if anybody is interested, i'll give them to you free, and also give you the $80 cage free.. just email me (i'm in chesapeake)
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    I just emailed you!
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