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Thread: moving to Norfolk

  1. nancii47
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    moving to Norfolk

    My husband and I just found out that we have orders to Norfolk. I am pretty nervous about this move as we have special housing requirements as well as medical fragile family members. We need a 5 bedroom, handicap ex. wheel chair ex. home. We are a cat 4 EFMP so that should help with the waiting list if we choose to live on base. My husband is enlisted E-8. What has been your experience on housing waits? Is there a hotel that you would recommend that is wheel chair accessible? How are the Schools, for the houses that are 5 bedroom/handicap? Are there certain areas for certain ranks? I don't have any friends that have ever been stationed in Norfolk, my husband is a Marine. Any information you all could give me would really help with our transition.

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    how far is the medical treatment center or military hospital? How far from base housing is the nearest emergency room?
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    I found this:

    remember google is your friend.
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    I'm not sure about housing ( we've never lived in military housing) but what I can tell you is there *typically is a long wait* however with the special circumstance I doubt it will be as long. Plus there is military housing all over hampton roads and there are tons of civilian hospitals in the area.. The naval hospital is in Portsmouth so it depends on where yuo live to how far away it will be.. Overall I think its a good hospital, and have thought of getting a job there after graduation. The schools here it all depends on where you are.. Some a great some not so much. This is a big area, so a lot of what your asking depends on what part of the area you want to live in...
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    Well, I know we have looked into housing and the wait is 12-14 months. But with your circumstances I would assume it would be sooner. I know nothing about the schools. Personally, we have never had good luck at Portsmouth Naval Hospital. Hopefully it will be different for you. Anyway, good luck. I hope you like Norfolk.

    *Thank you Valarie!!*

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    i know school aren't the best. But the private schools are good.
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    I am in Yorktown Housing and the have medical units. I have one right across the street from me. I think it's a 4 or 5 bedroom, I can't remember. I have seen the inside and they are nice. If you have school age kids they can go to a Williamsburg school in York county which is . My kids are 11 and 8 and love the school. I am a CAT 5 and I got my house the day I called. DH was overseas. DH is in Norfolk. It is about 30 min in the AM and 45-1 hour to get home depending on the traffic in the tunnel. I am from the area and our way of thinking was you are going to have traffic issues no matter where you live so we went for the better school. JMO but I would never live in Norfolk or Portsmouth. PM me if you need anything.

    I just wanted to add that Ft. Eustis Army base is one exit away. They have a UCC(urgent care center). The main big hospital is portsmouth naval hospital unless you go civilian. The may let you do that.
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    We are in Whitehurst Farms in Norfolk. They do have handicap (single story) houses here but I believe they are only 4 bedrooms. The units that are 5 bedrooms are 2 story, master downstairs and 4 bedrooms upstairs. Sorry I can't help more.

    Good luck.
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    With that many bedrooms I dont believe there is a long wait list. I know when we got here 2 bdrms had about an 18mnth wait. To be honest Norfolk public schools arent the best I would recommend either Private or moving to Cheseapeke I know a few people in our command who live out there and they like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soon2bAFwife View Post
    i know school aren't the best. But the private schools are good.
    the private schools in Hampton Roads?
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