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Thread: Anybody from saratoga springs?

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    Whatever Anybody from saratoga springs?

    looking on here i noticed that there is absolutely, or maybe i didnt look hard enough, nobody from saratoga springs ny region. Probably because the base near here is so small and hardly can be considered a base. but i was just wondering if anybody from this site lives in saratoga county or is going to move here eventually. i lived here for almost a year, and love this town. if any one is moving here shortly feel free to ask me anything about the town/housing or places to go out when you get here. looking forward to hearing back from you. *rhianna*
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    We are not stationed there, but Saratoga is "home"! Unfortunately, I haven't been back there in like 2 years now! I grew up in Saratoga, and we were never fortunate enough to have Mark get a billet there...but we really enjoy visiting!!
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    I live about 30 minutes north of Saratoga, in a tiny town called Argyle... I agree, I have only seen a couple others from this area on this site. I just saw the "base" last week when I went to get a new ID... I was shocked at how tiny it is!
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    I'm from central NY - finger lakes region. So although I know where it is, I didn't ever live there. I wasn't even aware there was even a small "base" there.
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    I'm about 30 minutes south of Saratoga in Albany. I know there's another post somewhere on here about the area, but I'm not sure where right now, and no one has been on it for a little while. I'm from the area and I'll be here for at least a few more months.


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