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Thread: CAPE COD / Hanscom

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    Screwy CAPE COD / Hanscom

    Hi ladies!
    I'm still new to this site, so I'm not sure if I'm even posting in the right area, figured I'd give it a try though.
    My BF is in the Airforce and will be stationed at the Hanscom base in MASS. sometime in April. Does anybody live there that can tell me about the area? About housing? Cost of living in the area? I've heard horror stories about the place being really ritzy and money-crazed. That scares the crap out of me, 'cause I'm just a small town girl working my way through life! If anybody has any, ANY, info, I would love to hear it!! I'm new to the military too, so there's alot I don't know...
    Thanks in advance!!!
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    I grew up in Mass. and the cost of living stories are not a myth, they're really really high. If you're worried your best best is to move as far west from Boston as possible. Hanscom isn't on the Cape, but there is a Coast Guard base on the Cape. Hanscom is probably a one to 1.5 hour drive to the base of the Cape and then it's another hour to the tip.
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    Money. MA is all about money honestly. It is overly expensive and esp for the Cape. And while you'll be there BEFORE the season starts, it gets more pricey from may-september. i've lived in mass my entire life.

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    Massachusetts native too! Still living here actually. The cost of living is extremely high so be prepared. I live North of Boston. Rent is 1,050 for me for a two bedroom apartment. The neighborhood that Hanscom is in is pretty pricey. I'm about 20 minutes away (to the north) and it is far less pricey. West of Boston as someone else posted is cheaper but then you have to commute, so it's a toss up. Best of luck. If you need any other advice feel free to ask!
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    We lived in Wakefield by Boston. But we did all our shopping at Hanscom. It's a beautiful facility! We enjoyed the time we spent there! I didn't think it was that expensive, but then again my hometown is ridiculous. It's pretty high here in Baltimore and the housing sux. We pay $1450 for a two bedroom POS on base.
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    I lived in Mass for 3 years and the cost of living is very very high. We normaly don't live on base but had to because rent out there is just too high. I hated every sec I was there.
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    I used to live in Hingham on the South Shore, and we'd go to the Hanscom commissary. I love Massachusetts!
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    lol my family had a 100 year old house in Harwichport, Cape Code, Mass. that was more like a cottage (super small) and it was shore front property....let me just tell you we sold that house and could pay for a brand new 5000 sq ft house in del, shore front aswell....

    oh and the property taxes up there are INSANE.

    imo its an expensive place to live

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