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Thread: Have YOU used W. Reed or Bethesda for specialty care?

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    Have YOU used W. Reed or Bethesda for specialty care?

    Pre-Tricare I was seen at Georgetown Breast Center. (prior to Georgetown, I had a civilian breast sprecialst following my mri's as we were civilians)I have a family history of breast cancer and am considered high risk. I need a MRI and possible a biopsy.

    Now, that I'm on tricare, my doc said I may be able to still go to Georgetown for continuation of care, but I'm not sure if that's accurate until I talk to someone at Tricare tomorrow. I so do not want to change doc's--It's hard to go through it all again with yet another doc. So, has anyone successfully used a network provider for specialty care? If I'm not able to continue with Georgetown, I'll have to go to W.Reed, or Bethesda. I know nothing about the facilities, and in all honesty, I just have too many changes going on to want to think about going to a different hospital.

    Anyone have an experience with any thing I've hit on here to share?

    Thanks. Laura
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    Never been a patient at either but... I believe Walter Reed is closing down in the near future. Navy Med in Bethesda is a nice facility. It is in a pretty convenient location & close to Metro.
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    Walter Reed and Bethesda are consolidating. We've been seen at both. I like them, the doctors are nice. I even got to see a ped neurologist for my CP at Walter Reed. He wanted to help and not talk down to me. Good luck!
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    I've been a patient at both. Walter Reed is a pain in the @$$ to get to! Bethesda is MUCH better in my opinion, very clean, awesome doctors, any place that is good for the president is good for me!

    Isn't Walter Reed moving to Fort Belvoir?
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    I like "Walter Reed" as in the doctors but passionately dislike the parking situation. It has taken me forever to find parking and people park in crazy ways there.
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    As odd as it sounds, my hubby was seen at W. Reed Breast Clinic. It was a nice setup and the doctors were really nice. Of course the parking BLOWS but the facility is really nice.
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    Hey if you need help with anything PM me. I had a lumpectomy last year and have a big history of breat cancer in my family. Since we are neighbors don't be afraid to ask!
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    I went to Walter Reed for my tubal ligation reversal last summer. My surgeons were fantastic! And I was very pleased with my care there. My only issue with WR was that I would get soooo lost! I suppose that could happen anywhere though! You should know that a lot of the docs work between both WR and Bethesda since they are merging.
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    We're practically regulars at Bethesda, and I love it there. It's large and has a lot of available parking. All of the doctors I've seen have been nice and gets an "A" in patient care.
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    A friend of mine's son was treated for cancer at Bethesda. She has highly recommended them to me if we get back on the east coast for his follow up care. She had absolutely NOTHING bad to say about any of her experiences there.

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