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Thread: Moving to Maryland-no where to live! :(

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    Moving to Maryland-no where to live! :(

    My husband and I will be moving in Mid-January to Ft. Meade, Maryland, and we don't have a place to live yet. Housing won't put us on the housing waiting list until my husband is physically there, so we have a delay in when we get there a when we have a house.


    Can any of you ladies recommend any nice apartment complexes we could stay at in the worse case scenario?



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    Where is Ft Meade at? I'm in Waldorf, MD
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    I say Google it. I know that the area around Ft. Meade is pretty good, so neighborhood shouldn't be a concern.
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    Columbia is a nice planned community. Lots of shopping and lots of town houses & apartments. You shouldn't have a problem finding a place. Now for temp housing I'm not so sure about specifics sorry. Try craiglist for Columbia MD I think that would be a good place to start. I'm in Arlington VA and my DB is trying to get stationed back in this area at Ft Meade. Welcome when you get here :-)
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    Columbia MD would be my suggestion. We lived there the last time we were stationed at Fort Meade and will go back there when we return next year.

    Have you seen base housing at Fort Meade? If you can afford to live off post, that would be my preference.
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    Craigs List is always good to check too.
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    I would suggest trying to look in Odenton. There's a planned community called Piney Orchard that is very nice. Plus, it's only about 5-10 minutes to Ft. Meade.

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    i'm going to fort meade to in jan with dh and dd. We spoke with housing today the waitlist is 30 -40 days for us but the good thing is since dh is coming back from an unaccompanied tour in korea we get higher priority and even though we have to be in person to start the waitlist it goes back from the day dh departed from korea yay! and temp lodging is giving us 30 days to stay in lodging so hopefully in that time well get out home.!
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    Sheltor Cove in Odenton, There are also some apartments in Piney Orchard-Odenton, they are newer, I can't think of the name of them...sorry
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    Check out

    Good luck in your search....
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