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Thread: Its a sign!

  1. Jyll216
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    Its a sign!

    I have been trying really hard to leanr the Canon on piano the past few weeks.. and then i was looking thru apartments and i cam across this... click on photos

    i am SO living here! i know i can do it! now.... how do i go about working around there?!?! do i move there first.. or get a job first!?!?
  2. Sailors Wifey
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    Hey ! Wow i was looking at those also, i live in NOrfolk now but were moving to VA Beach the end of next year when DH gets back from deployment. DH and I are going over there tomorrow ro see them in person, ill let you know if they look as good as the picture ! We also found another beautiful one, just PM me if you need anything !
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    Those do look nice!! Good luck!! Oh and i would try to find a place to live before the job that way you know the area you would like to look for a job in.

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