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Thread: Lunch in Richmond VA....BEST BBQ

  1. JustBeingGinger
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    Hungry Lunch in Richmond VA....BEST BBQ

    A bunch of Military wives and girlfriends from another website are meeting up in Richmond for lunch on Sunday October 14th. I wanted to see if anyone from Norfolk, VA Beach, Hampton, Northern VA, Maryland, DC, and all points in between wanted to come.

    It is at Buzz and Ned's BBQ, which was featured on the Food Network show Throwdown with Bobby Flay. They have the best BBQ hands down around. I love their ribs!!!!!

    Place: Buzz and Neds in Richmond VA
    Time: 1:00 PM
    Date: October 14th

    Let me know if you want to attend so I can look out for you.

    Right now there are about 8 f us from the other board going. Love to have you and meet people from this board.
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    oh believe me if I were in Richmond right now I would so be going. I have heard about this place and we were gonna watch the throwndown but for some reason the day it was on they had something else on instead so we never got to see it but I checked out their website and menu and I am dying to try it. I am from Richmond and I miss it alot. I hope you ladies have a great lunch.

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    I'll have to see since it's on a Sunday....but I should know for sure by mid week

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