Hubby and I just PCSed from South Carolina to Whiteman AFB MO, hoping to make some new friends here!!! Anyone else stationed here? So far I like MO. The base is a little weird, like some stuff here are only open like 2 days a week, which I find a little odd but other than that it seems like a good base. Hubby has already been making friends. There are 2 people here from his Tech School classes that was able to meet up with and work closely with to help him adapt. I however have yet to really make any friends. I am a very social person and not having friends to talk to here is very hard for me. I moved with my hubby to TX for tech school and made so many friends there but here its a little different. Any advice on meeting new people and making friends? I am staring a new jon at the bowling ally on base soon and hope to make friends while working there. Thanks for listening