I was watching the live feed for this last night on BBC, the Guardian, and Al Jezera. It is so unbelievably sad. So many people, so many children

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it is sad...even where I work (which this is part of what I do) this attack isn't taking as much of a precedence as the last ones or even Istanbul

To you question no unfortunately I don't see these attacks becoming less frequent and actually more frequent until something is done to prevent them. Honestly a lot of the problems in France and Turkey etc is the free flow of immigration. When you have open borders you can't control who comes in and who leaves and therefore people who if they were vetted would not be let in come waltzing in freely. We also need to somehow censor the internet, which will never be supported by many people and governments, but that is how a lot of the radical extremism that we are seeing is spread; young, vulnerable people seeking friendships with the wrong people online. It's also where people are finding the information to be able to carry out a lot of these attacks articles like "How to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom" shouldn't be so easy to find IMO.
I tend disagree with the bolded statement in regards to France. The reason why attacks are more frequent in France is because of the countries complicated history with the populations of it's former colonies - Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. After WWII many immigrants from these countries were called on by France to help rebuild. They were not met with open arms (quite the opposite) and the majority were housed in low-income housing projects which are where many of France's Muslim population still lives today. The basically became Muslim ghetto's where joblessness, crime, and poverty run rampant. Throughout the years there have been rioting in these areas. Many feel as though the French government do not care about them at all. Many feel isolated from the 'French' people, even though a huge amount were born and raised in France. I knew several people from France who were of Algerian decent, a couple were very close friends. They related more to Algeria than France - all but one of them grew up in poverty. This is the reason why France is seeing such a number of attacks and what seems to be a lot of it's citizens becoming radicalized (although it is still a relatively small amount). The same could be said for Belgium (immigrants also moved there after the war as they spoke French so going to a French speaking country would be easier).