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Thread: New to this site...New to this life

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    Sad New to this site...New to this life

    Hey everyone...Iíve been reading a lot of posts and they have been pretty helpful so far...My boyfriend of a little over a year left 3 weeks ago for Texas and will be heading overseas by the end of this month..itís his first deployment and heís in Sat Com...itís also my first deployment and my first time ever dating anyone in the military...I am not really handling it very well...itís only been weeks and he even had leave last weekend and so flew to Texas to see him...but now thatís over and itís for real this time...9 to 10 months...I am feeling very lonely and helpless...heís my best friend and we spent so much time together...I want to marry him one day...but right now I canít stop crying and I just keep finding myself in panic mode...any advice?
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    Find a hobby, go out with your friends, find a series of movies or books you want to read, etc. I planned out my husband's care packages and when I sent them, I always tried to figure something special out to send with them, just so he knew I was thinking of him. I would make mix discs of his favorite music, write him letters whenever you miss him. I'm extremely sleep deprived right now, but you can find all kinds of things to do while he's away. The crying lasted about 3 days with me, but every one is different. Take your time, you'll find your groove.

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