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Thread: This used to be my second home!

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    This used to be my second home!

    Wow. Totally forgot about this place! You guys randomly popped into my mind tonight!

    Any who, Hi! My previous username was "csc6709". I joined back when I was 20, maybe 21ish, newly married to a soldier, and either knocked up or just gave birth to my first child. I'm turning 30 this year! I've been "single" for 6 years. Legally divorced going on 4 years now. You guys helped me through that hard time and I really appreciated it!

    Forgive me if my numbers are all off. Just taking a stab in the dark. I left because, you guessed it, it made me sad seeing everyone living the life that I was about to leave. Life's great now. Dating a great guy for about 9 months now. Not military. Just a plain ole civilian! (I jest, I jest!) 😋. Nothing plain about him. He's amazing! No kids other than the two from my exDH.

    I'd love to start participating and peek in here every now and then. 👀 All of this military wife jargon is coming back to me now 😂. This community really became a virtual family for me even through all of the fake accounts, trolls, drama, etc, i probably wouldn't of made it out with any sanity left if it wasn't for this site. 😂

    Hope everyone is doing well and I hope to maybe recognize some people and catch up on how they have been. It's been so long...I doubt anyone even recognizes me at all. 😂

    Guess I'll go look back at my old posts and enjoy a little cringe fest if you don't mind. 😭

    Best wishes! ❤
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    Welcome back! Make sure to check out the Newbie thread again here: Everything A Newbie Needs To Know!!! to refresh yourself on things about the site and to read over TOS here: in case things have updated since your last visit!
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